We know the challenges of Accounting


We have developed a system to securely manage the entire life cycle of a district's sensitive Accounting records. With electronic storage and permission based control your documents are safe with us.


We work with your Accounting department to create a customized and coherent filing process for your office. Boost your efficiency with the click of a mouse!



Instead of passing paper documents (invoices, PO’s, packing slips, etc.) from department to department, pass and approve documents electronically to speed up the process and make it more secure.


With OfficeScope’s image editor and workflow inbox users have the ability to quickly approve documents and pass them to the next person who needs them with just a click of the mouse.



How long does it take your office staff to find archived records when they are requested by an auditor? What do they do if the document is lost?


Professionals spend an average of 150 hours annually looking for incorrectly filed information


The average employee takes 18 minutes to search for an archived paper record. Worse than that 1 out of every 20 documents filed in paper end up lost which becomes a major compliancy issue*. With OfficeScope documents can be retrieved in seconds and it’s virtually impossible to misplace them. Better yet, the same document can be found multiple ways whether you want to search by vendor name, filing date, type of document or other defined criteria.




Every school district uses an accounting software system, but many still print documents regularly from that system to save documents in paper form.




Shockingly 40% of organizations routinely print newly generated electronic documents solely to file them as paper records


OfficeScope eliminates the need for printing payroll registers, duplicate checks, emails and other documentation by electronically printing into the vendor’s archived file. This results in an immediate reduction in office expenses.


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